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Shijilighting lantern festival

Release time:2018-03-03  Browsing times:769

The lantern festival is celebrated everwhere on january 15th  of the lunar calendar , right after the spring festival.  traditionally, the lantern featival is a part of spring festival. this day is always the first full moon in the lunar new year. Especially to SHIJILIGHTING.

the chinese people not only craft many types of beautiful lanterns for the others to appreciate, but also create many interesting riddles.

the traditional riddles are written on the lanterns.

today , many people glue a slip of paper with the riddle at the bottom of the lanterns for the viewers to solves. those who solve the riddle correctly will receive a prize from the riddle creator.

just like china’s other traditional holidays, the lanternfestival also has it own special dish- “yuanxiao”, or sweet dumpling soup.

although the sweet dumplings differ in name and recipe from the north and south, they are always made with glutinous rice flour as the outside.

the filling is usually composed of different kind of fruit kernel and sugar. the sweet dumplings are always round and white, as it represents the moon on the night of the lantern festival.