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Apa102 flexible rgb DC5V waterproof mini led lights strip


Apa102 RGB Flexible Digital LED Strip

These are the Digital strips that can be controlled with computers and other DMX/Digital SD Card Controllers. The advantage of digital strips is that you can control each led by itself so you can make video/chasing effects and other patterns. These color changing LED strips are flexible, bright, and easy to install!  They are much brighter and longer-lasting than traditional rope light.  
Each roll of flexible LED strip is 16' long (actually 16'-5" or 5 meters with wire on each end).  The LED type used are the 5050 type super bright 3 in 1 SMD LEDs.  There are 300 per 16' roll.  They run on 5V DC.  The waterproof rating is IP65/IP67, which means that these flexible LED strips can get wet.  

Details These Apa RGB strips can change any color/pattern with the use of a controller or via DMX so you will need a SD Card Controller designed to control the apa102 chip or use standard DMX and a DMX to apa102/104 Converter.